Music trophies, awards and medallions recognising and rewarding individual and club achievements and success.

Music Shield
Music Shield
CODE: 13521/621/721

Classic wreath and shield inspired design, the Music Shield is an affordable and popular award choice. A versatile theme award – finished in antique gold – that is available in 3 convenient sizes. L - 210mm, M - 155, S - 135mm

Small: $13.95
Medium: $17.95
Large: $22.95
Music Mini Star
Music Mini Star
CODE: 12921

Affordable and popular Mini Star trophy for a variety of Music events & competitions. An attractive star inspired design, classic silver and gold colours, Music trophies are perfect for bulk orders.

Small: $10.95
Lynx - Music
Lynx - Music

This Antique Gold Lynx Trophy is the perfect theme award for music students and musicians of all ages. Featuring a classic wreath and vibrant design, Music trophies are customisable and available in 4 impressive sizes. D - 245mm, C - 210mm, B - 175mm, A - 150mm

LR021A: $13.95
LR021B: $16.95
LR021C: $23.95
LR021D: $28.95
Spartan - Music
Spartan - Music

Bold and distinctive Spartan Series available in many different sports and activities. Spartan trophies offer an extra heavy 3D enhanced design plus available in 3 sizes with space for customisation. C - 180mm, B - 155mm, A - 130mm

SR121A: $12.95
SR121B: $14.95
SR121C: $17.95
Music Polaris
Music Polaris

Elegant design in this ‘Polaris’ series showcases a finely designed metal insert representing your sport or activity. Same prestige metal inserts to be used in other trophies, awards and medals to create a versatile range of awards. C - 175mm, B - 155mm, A - 135mm

PLS121A: $13.95
PLS121B: $15.95
PLS121C: $18.95
Cosmos - Music
Cosmos - Music

Brilliant series of trophies – the ‘Cosmos’ available in many different sports and activities. Extra-heavyweight 3D design combined with the detailed design of your choice. Available in 3 sizes with space for insert if required. A - 150mm, B - 175mm, C - 200mm

CR121A: $13.95
CR121B: $16.95
CR121C: $19.95
Peak - Music
Peak - Music
CODE: P221

Peak style trophies – for Music – offer fantastic value for bigger series of trophies available in 3 sizes. Design showcases key elements for Music against vibrant sunray background. A - 180mm, B - 200mm, C - 225mm

P221A: $13.95
P221B: $16.95
P221C: $20.95
Cosmos Super Mini - Music
Cosmos Super Mini - Music

Mini Cosmo award offers an affordable alternative that retains the brilliant design elements of the larger sizes. Base offers space for your engraving requirements.

Price: $9.95

Prices quoted are for single items.
Multiple item orders will attract a further discount.