Darts trophies, awards and medallions recognising and rewarding individual and club achievements and success.

Darts Epic
Darts Epic
CODE: 11275

The Epic Series design brilliantly showcases the iconic combination of darts and dart board and is available in 3 convenient sizes. C - 170mm, B - 145mm, A - 120mm

11275A: $14.95
11275B: $18.95
11275C: $22.95
Darts Gold Shield
Darts Gold Shield
CODE: 13538/638

Classic wreath and shield inspired design, the Darts Trophy Gold Shield is an affordable trophy choice for your team or club. M - 155mm, S - 135mm

13538: $13.95
13638: $17.95
Darts Mini Star
Darts Mini Star
CODE: 12938

Affordable and popular Mini Star trophy a reliable trophy choice. An attractive star inspired design, classic silver and gold colours, makes it well suited for club and team orders.

Price: $10.95
Darts V-Series
Darts V-Series
CODE: 21475

The V-Series trophy range features a victory inspired design and brilliantly showcases a theme for your sport. B - 180mm, A - 150mm, AA - 130mm

21475AA: $13.95
21475A: $16.95
21475B: $21.95
Darts Character
Darts Character
CODE: A11384

A popular novelty style award for Darts players, the Mini Character. 130mm

Price: $13.95
Darts Fame
Darts Fame
CODE: A1372

Classic Darts trophy series featuring the iconic darts on board design, finished in traditional silver and gold colours. C - 250mm, B - 220mm, A - 200mm

A1372A: $18.95
A1372B: $21.95
A1372C: $25.95
Darts Prize Bull
Darts Prize Bull
CODE: A1828

The Prize Bull in Darts is a fun, novelty trophy award for that special recipient or to award for the “bullseyes” recorded in your event or competition. 135mm

Price: $16.95

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