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5 Star Trophies is the first place for awards in Melbourne's CBD. Nestled in the heart of one of the world's most sports blessed cities, 5 Star offers an unmatched range of trophies, awards and giftware for both corporate and private clients.

To complement the executive and giftware lines, 5 Star has drawn on Melbourne's rich sporting heritage to offer an extensive array of sports inspired memorabilia and promotional products. The 5 Star team are not only experts in their field but also sporting enthusiast who bring a profound understanding and sporting ethos to all products and services offered.

5 Star provides trophies, awards, gifts and promotional items for major public events as well as large scale private functions, corporate event days and sport days. The company produces thousands of items for hundreds of satisfied customers every year.

The 5 Star showroom is located at Level 11 - 180 Ruissell St, Melbourne. Guests and clients alike are invited to enjoy the hospitality, take a tour of the facility and browse through 5 Star's industry leading selection of awards, trophies and giftware.


5 Star Trophies will continue to service our clients in a safe environment as long as we are able to do so. Phone and email contact will be unaltered for our customers convenience and safety. Our location on the 11th floor is far removed from general public contact. In order to comply with the new restrictions for Covid 19, we will be limiting our customer contact. Where possible please make contact via phone (0418553310) or email (mark@5startrophies.com.au). Instore visits are still available but please call ahead to ensure everyones safety.