Trophy and Award Specialists(TAS) is owned and operated by Dani Breuer who is committed to advising clients reinforce key relationships, acknowledge staff and volunteers, and recognize important milestones.

Members of the passionate TAS team come from diverse backgrounds and boast expertise in human resource management, organizational leadership, accounting and graphic design. All team members are also keen amateur sportspeople.

Dani manages and operates the business with a team of experienced people including engravers, sandblasters and experienced creative designers.

Trophy and Award Specialists has a very simple philosophy: "To delight in delivering creative and meaningful work, reliably and at appealing prices".

We create unique pieces for any occasion.

Engraving processes include:

  • Company Logo's and/or text
  • Mechanical engraving on aliminium, brass, stainless steel and copper,
  • Laser etching on glass, wood, Metal(pens), Acrylic and crystal.
  • Colour sublimation on metal and glass
  • Acrylic shape designing, cutting and etching.
  • Acid etching, screen printing and more.
  • Creative hand engraving.

All engraving is done in house on our premises using the latest technology and most up to date engraving machines and processes

Some of our specialties include:

  • Custom-made Cups and Bases
  • Plaques and Signage
  • Specially cast Medals and Coins
  • Framing of all kinds
  • personalizing and corporatising Crystal, Glass, Clocks, desk sets and pens by etching or engraving your companies logo and graphics onto them.
  • Hand or mechanical engraving on Cups, Trays, pewter mugs and Acrylics.
  • We supply quality items from all major suppliers as well as our own specialty awards.


Feel free to for a no- obligation free quote, or just to discuss your requirements.

Proud member of ARA - Awards & Recognition Association