Aussie Rules

Australian Rules trophies, awards and medallions recognising and rewarding individual and club achievements and success.

Footy Mini
Footy Mini
CODE: 12031

Versatile budget trophy theme features boot and ball and works well with a club logo insert if available. 100mm in height

Price: $8.95
Aussie Rules Character
Aussie Rules Character
CODE: A1113A

A popular and generic award choice for kids and junior players, the Mini Character Trophy features a charming footy ball character design @ 130mm in height

Price: $13.95
Aussie Rules Fame
Aussie Rules Fame
CODE: A1401

Classic footy trophy series that champions the iconic aussie rules football. Fame trophies suitable for players of all ages, available in 6 great sizes, with the space for a 25mm club logo if required. AAA - 155mm, AA - 170mm, A - 195mm, B - 220mm, C - 245mm, D - 270mm

A1401AAA: $14.95
A1401AA: $16.95
A1401A: $18.95
A1401B: $22.95
A1401C: $28.95
A1401D: $35.95
Pedestal Boot 3D
Pedestal Boot 3D
CODE: A177

The Footy Pedestal 3D Boot is a traditional style trophy perfect to recognise the achievements of your top performing players. C - 240mm, B - 210mm, A - 180mm

A177A: $28.95
A177B: $34.95
A177C: $41.95
Footy Theme
Footy Theme
CODE: 12731

An effective design with prominent footy boot and ball elements. Generic theme award with the option for customisation. L - 145mm, M - 125mm, S - 105mm

12731S: $9.95
12731M: $11.95
12731L: $15.95
Aussie Rules Mini Star
Aussie Rules Mini Star
CODE: 12912

Affordable and popular Mini Star trophy for kids and players both male and female. An attractive star inspired design, classic silver and gold colours and at a budget price, well suited for footy club and team orders.

Price: $10.95
Aussie Rules Glory
Aussie Rules Glory
CODE: A1404

Classic footy trophy series featuring the iconic ball raised, an ideal award for that special and deserving footy player in your team or club. C - 460mm, B - 390mm, A - 320mm

A1404A: $49.95
A1404B: $71.95
A1404C: $102.95
Aussie Rules Hero
Aussie Rules Hero
CODE: 11788

The Aussie Rules Hero trophy series feature a champion player finished with excellent detail, in an iconic pose representing high achievement. An ideal award for that special and deserving footy player in your team or club. E - 270mm, D - 245mm, C - 230mm, B - 190mm, A - 160mm

11788A: $15.95
11788B: $17.95
11788C: $22.95
11788D: $27.95
11788E: $35.95
Footy Shazam
Footy Shazam
CODE: 11631

Footy trophies ideal for kids and player participation awards. classic boot and ball elements featured on a stylish lightning bolt background. Available in 3 sizes with the option for custom footy club logo inserts to be used. C - 180mm, B - 155mm, A - 130mm

11631A: $13.95
11631B: $15.95
11631C: $17.95
Footy Shazam Female
Footy Shazam Female
CODE: 11687

Aussie Rules Female Shazam is a trophy series designed to recognise the achievements of top female players in your club or team. The design showcases the handballer with excellent detail. C - 200mm, B - 175mm, A - 150mm

11687A: $14.95
11687B: $19.95
11687C: $25.95
Footy Shazam Player
Footy Shazam Player
CODE: 11688

Aussie Rules Shazam Trophy Series showcases the handballer in action with excellent detail & design. With 7 sizes, series of footy trophies perfect for best player awards in your club and team presentations. G - 355mm, F - 300mm, E - 265mm, D - 225mm, C - 200mm, B - 175mm, A - 150mm.

11688A: $14.95
11688B: $19.95
11688C: $25.95
11688D: $32.95
11688E: $40.95
11688F: $63.95
11688G: $75.95
Footy V-Series
Footy V-Series
CODE: 21488

The Aussie Rules V-Series is a prestigious trophy series showcasing a player kicking a footy ball against the iconic V-design victory background. Available in multiple sizes and comes with the option of including your aussie rules club logo insert if required. I - 410mm, H - 350mm, D - 250mm, B - 195mm, A - 160mm

21488A: $14.95
21488B: $19.95
21488D: $31.95
21488H: $52.95
21488I: $65.95
Aussie Rules Pinnacle
Aussie Rules Pinnacle
CODE: 15088

The Pinnacle Series features an innovative design that showcases the Aussie Rules football combined with footy inspired silhouettes. Footy trophies in 5 sizes and as a generic theme, suitable for all ages in your footy club. Classic trophy gold colours and with the space for your logo if required. D - 225mm, C - 200mm, B - 180mm,

15088B: $17.95
15088C: $22.95
15088D: $26.95
Astro Aussie Rules
Astro Aussie Rules
CODE: 32231

Silver & gold Aussie Rules trophies feature a dazzling design and includes iconic elements of ball and boot with 3 sizes available. A - 110mm, B - 130mm, C - 150mm

32231A: $9.95
32231B: $12.95
32231C: $16.95
Aussie Rules Classic
Aussie Rules Classic
CODE: 12631

Classic wreath and stars inspired design of aussie rules trophy and features iconic footy elements. trophy perfect for your logo insert and ample space for engraving @ 150mm in height.

Price: $12.95

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