Lifesaving trophies, awards and medallions recognising and rewarding individual and club achievements and success.

Flag Lifesaving Theme
Flag Lifesaving Theme
CODE: 29758

Dynamic Lifesaving trophies perfect for the participants and nippers at your club no matter the age and versatile to cover various awards. C - 175mm, B - 155mm, A - 135mm

29758A: $12.95
29758B: $15.95
29758C: $19.95
Lifesaving Theme
Lifesaving Theme
CODE: 12757

Trophies feature an effective design with prominent and recognisable lifesaving elements. L - 145mm, M - 125, S - 105

12757S: $9.95
12757M: $11.95
12757L: $15.95
Lifesaving Silhouette
Lifesaving Silhouette
CODE: 11858

Lifesaving trophies offer an elegant design that highlights the iconic lifesaver with cap theme in red and yellow colours. A generic award theme that will work well for various lifesaving events and competitions. In 3 sizes and with space for 25mm insert if required. L - 180mm, M - 150mm, S - 125mm

11858S: $10.95
11858M: $13.95
11858L: $18.95
Lifesaving Alpha Shield
Lifesaving Alpha Shield
CODE: 30458

Classic design features traditional elements of the shield and wreath ideal for your top performers. Includes space for your 25mm insert if required. Available in 3 sizes. C - 155mm, B - 140mm, A - 120mm

30458A: $10.95
30458B: $13.95
30458C: $15.95
Board & Flag
Board & Flag
CODE: 12058/158/258

Affordable theme awards versatile for various Lifesaving events and competitions. Available in 3 convenient sizes and finished in striking silver and gold trophy colours. L - 150mm, M - 125mm, S - 100mm

12058: $9.95
12158: $16.95
12258: $23.95
Flag, Board & Reel
Flag, Board & Reel
CODE: 27158

Lifesaving trophies present a generic theme award ideal for various lifesaving events and competitions. The design features iconic elements, in 3 sizes and space for 25mm insert if required. C - 175mm, B - 150mm, A - 125mm

27158A: $11.95
27158B: $16.95
27158C: $22.95
Lifesaving Halo
Lifesaving Halo
CODE: 21358

Innovative design in 3 convenient sizes, the gold and silver Halo Trophy Series is perfect for participants of all ages. The Lifesaving design features the iconic flag, board and reel elements. Includes the option if required for your club logo. C - 180mm, B - 155, A - 130mm

21358A: $12.95
21358B: $16.95
21358C: $23.95
Cosmos - Lifesaving
Cosmos - Lifesaving

Brilliant series of ‘Cosmos’ trophies for Lifesaving. Trophy series features iconic design of rescue board and lifesaving flag. Available in 3 sizes with space for custom insert if required....A - 150mm, B - 175mm, C - 200mm

CR158A: $15.95
CR158B: $18.95
CR158C: $22.95

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